• Football games will now be streamed.

    Posted by Mike McNeff on 9/3/2020

    All home football games will now be streamed. You will need to make an account here https://www.nfhsnetwork.com/ and search for Rugby. Please review the following spectator guidance found in the image below for all fall activities.

    Fan Expectations for Fall Activities

    1. Only immediate family of the participant will be allowed to attend.
    2. Only students in grades 7-12 will be allowed to attend.
    3. No students in grades PK-6 will be allowed to attend unless they are family of the participant.
    4. Social distancing will be expected and seats will be marked.
      • Please do not congregate at the events.
    5. Please stay home and listen to the event on the radio or watch it on our streaming platform. The streaming platform is FREE. You need to create an account here https://www.nfhsnetwork.com/ and then search Rugby.
    6. Outdoor events:
      • Masks are recommended.
    7. Indoor events:
      • Masks are expected (hallways, commons, bathrooms, etc.) until fans are seated. 


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  • Breakfast and Lunch FREE for ALL Students for Now

    Posted by Mike McNeff on 9/2/2020
    All enrolled students will receive free meals regardless of income level or qualifications for now. This change will go into effect as of August 31st. The USDA announced this change yesterday and they hope to be able to provide FREE breakfast and lunch for the foreseeable future. The USDA is hoping that this funding will last until December 31st.
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  • Friday At-Home Learning Expectations

    Posted by Mike McNeff on 9/1/2020

    We've created At-Home Learning Expectations for Fridays. It is expected that all students complete their online assignments and activities by Monday morning. If they fail to complete the assignments they will be marked absent and may be required to attend school in-person on Friday mornings. Please review the following link for more information.

    At-Home Learning Expecations

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  • Steph Cummins Presentation

    Posted by Mike McNeff on 8/26/2020

    In an effort to provide support to parents and students, Steph Cummins will be discussing potential anxieties and changes students and their families may face in transitioning back to school this fall. I will discuss ways to have conversations regarding the transition and the changes in school this year due to COVID-19. We will discuss ways to address concerns kids and parents may have, how to create stability in unpredictable times and practical ways of reducing stress and anxiety this fall. There will be time to ask questions as well.

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  • Important Information on Fall Activities

    Posted by Mike McNeff on 8/17/2020

    Important message from Scott Grochow (Athletic Director), regarding limited fan attendance and free streaming for home events. Only families of the participant and students in grades 7-12 may attend fall activities. Please share.

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  • Facebook Live Update - August 11, 2020

    Posted by Mike McNeff on 8/12/2020 7:00:00 AM

    Mike McNeff (Supt.) provided an update on the Return to Learning Plan that was approved by the school board earlier in the day. You can find the approved plan on the left-hand side of this webpage. Please view the links below. 

    Link to Presentation Slides

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  • Virtual Academy Registration

    Posted by Mike McNeff on 7/28/2020 7:50:00 AM

    RPSD will offer a K-12 Year-Long, Full-Time Distance Learning Model for those parents interested. This will be comprehensive and rigorous. Students must remain in the model for 18 weeks or until the end of a grading period. Not all electives will be available in grades 9-12 in this model.

    • K-12 students can transfer in and out of the Virtual Academy at the end of every grading period (18 weeks) provided you have given a two-week notice.
    • This model will have specific protocols and procedures for staff and students, which will be reevaluated throughout the semester.
    • Students in the Virtual Academy may fully participate in High School Activities per NDHSAA rules and guidelines.

    Parent Expectations:

    • Provide internet access for your child to access the distance learning platform.
    • Provide a quiet study space for your child.
    • Ensure your child engages daily in online learning activities.
    • Parents should be aware that a limited number of courses may be available for their child.

    Student Expectations:

    • Attendance will be taken, expectations for distance learning will be SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASED from what occurred in the spring of 2020.
    • Students must be aware they will be assessed and graded consistently.
    • Daily participation and engagement in all courses will be expected.

    Before deciding to enroll your child in the Virtual Academy you will need to review the Virtual Academy Student Readiness Rubric to determine if virtual instruction is right for you and your family. 

    Each student must complete the Virtual Academy Enrollment Form by August 7, 2020. This will be a semester commitment. 

    If you have questions, please contact Mike McNeff at mike.mcneff@k12.nd.us or at 701-776-5201. 

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  • Facebook Live Update on the Return to Learning Plan

    Posted by Mike McNeff on 7/27/2020 4:50:00 PM

    Our School Superintendent Mike McNeff, School Board President Dustin Hager, and Local Public Health Director Sam Wentz will be doing a Facebook Live tonight (Monday, 7/27) at 7:00 pm. They will be reviewing Rugby Public School District's School Reopening Draft Plan.

    Draft School Reopening Presentation

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