• Homecoming 2019!

    The Homecoming Parade will be held at 2 pm on Friday, September 27th. 

    If you would like to submit an entry into the parade, please contact Paola Trottier at 776-5201.

  • Grandparents Day at Ely Elementary!

    The Ely Elementary faculty and staff are excited to once again recognize the contributions of our students’ families by inviting our grandparents to stop by our school during Grandparents’ Recognition Days. This year, we plan to host grandparents on two separate dates. The first day, which has been set aside for grandparents of students with last names starting with the letters A-L, will be Monday, September 23. Our second date, which is for grandparents of students with last names starting with the letters M-Z, will be Tuesday, September 24. Grandparents are encouraged to spend time in the classrooms as well as eat lunch in our cafeteria. Lunch tickets can be purchased in the lobby for $4.50. Thanks again for all that you do and we look forward to seeing you on September 23 & 24!

    Lunch Menu: 
    9/23-Shredded Pork Sandwiches
    9/24-Tator Tot Hot Dish

    Grandparent Visitation Schedule
    (Approximate Lunch Times)
    Kindergarten: 10:20-11:40 (Lunch @ 11:15) 
    Grade 1: 10:30-11:50 (Lunch @ 11:25)
    Grade 2: 10:40-12:00 (Lunch @ 11:50)
    Grade 3: 10:50-12:10 (Lunch @ 11:55)
    Grade 4: 11:00-12:20 (Lunch @ 12:10)
    Grade 5: 11:10-12:30 (Lunch @ 12:20)
    Grade 6: 11:20-12:40 (Lunch @ 12:30)

    Please dress for the weather, as we will be headed outdoors for recess and contact the Ely office (776-5757) with any questions you may have.