Rugby Public Schools Technology Department

  • Helpful Links:


    MalwareBytes - if you are getting pop ups or your computer is running slow.  Choose FREE DOWNLOAD and run the scanner a few times. 

    CC Cleaner - if you get a "low disk space" error. Use the FREE version to clean up your hard drive!

    Google Classroom (See Mrs. Zachmeier for a account if you don’t have one!)

    Google Training Center – Free online Google Training!

    Promethean Board Help & Tips (Cleaning, what the flame color means, etc.)

    Speedtest – Check out your network speed if you feel you are running slow!


Mrs. Zachmeier
Mrs. Blikre
  • Notes From the Technology Department:

    Welcome back to school! I am looking forward to another great year at RPS.  Our major summer deployments consisted of a new high school business lab (Trottier), a mobile Chromebook cart for HS health (Myhre), a mobile cart in 4th Grade classrooms, and interactive projectors and new iPads for all kindergarten classrooms! 

    Due to increased enrollment, we have converted our elementary computer lab into a classroom and have moved to a mobile solution with Mrs. Blikre bringing the technology right into the classrooms!  We are very excited to see all of the fun projects she will bring to the students.

    We will continue to utilize our Chromebooks in a classroom-based 1:1 set up with all classrooms in grades 5-8 and core HS classrooms having their own built-in classroom labs. We are pioneering this method and I am confident that it is an effective solution.

    As always, I will work hard to provide up-to-date, seamless technology to our students and staff. I am a firm believer that the best technology is the technology that you don't have to think about! It should just be there and it should just work. With that in mind, I am also concerned with technology overload and with the increased amount of screen time children are exposed to.  Technology is not a "sliver bullet" answer to everything and should be used as an enhancement to an already great classroom.  I am committed to providing technology in a healthy balance to our students.

    New staff can visit my office to get set up with O365 email, a network account, Google sites, and First Class.  Please don't hesitate to call or text me with your technology needs at 208-1465.