Rugby Public Schools Technology Department





    Helpful Links:

     MalwareBytes - if you are getting pop ups or your computer is running slow.  Choose FREE DOWNLOAD and run the scanner a few times. 

    CC Cleaner - if you get a "low disk space" error. Use the FREE version to clean up your hard drive!

    Google Classroom (See Mrs. Zachmeier for a account if you don’t have one!)

    Google Training Center – Free online Google Training!

    Promethean Board Help & Tips (Cleaning, what the flame color means, etc.)

    Speedtest – Check out your network speed if you feel you are running slow!


  • Jennifer Zachmeier

    Jennifer Zachmeier

    District Technology Director

  • Ashleigh Blikre

    Ashleigh Blikre

    Technology Integrationist

    Elementary Tech. Ed.

  • Notes From the Technology Department:

    I would like to welcome all of the new staff members to Rugby Public Schools for the 2019-2020 school year!  New Staff: Please see Dawn Hauck, Business Manager, to obtain your account login information. You will receive your network login, Google account, and First Class account information at that time.  If you have any questions, please email me at



    2019-2020 New Equipment Summary:

    *Grades 1 and 2: Interactive Projector/marker board replacements.  

     *High School Teachers:  You will be getting new laptops and docking stations for the 2019-2020 school year. Please make sure that you have all data that you wish to transfer in a folder on the HSSERVER.  

    *Grade 6: Each room will receive 25 new Chromebooks. Old Chromebooks will be repurposed in the district. 25 Chromebooks will be repurposed in a cart for 3rd Grade. We are hoping to have around 20 to use elsewhere. 

    *HS Library: We will be installing a larger screen and new projector to accommodate larger audiences.

    *Ag. Classroom:  Black and white laser printer and new projector.  C.P. money TBD.

    *Misc. computer upgrades: Leer, Hauck, Wendland, Bosch, Yoder, Hager, A. Seykora.

    *5 iPads for Kindergarten Classroom