Rugby Public Schools Technology Department





    Helpful Links:

     MalwareBytes - if you are getting pop ups or your computer is running slow.  Choose FREE DOWNLOAD and run the scanner a few times. 

    CC Cleaner - if you get a "low disk space" error. Use the FREE version to clean up your hard drive!

    Google Classroom (See Mrs. Zachmeier for a account if you don’t have one!)

    Google Training Center – Free online Google Training!

    Promethean Board Help & Tips (Cleaning, what the flame color means, etc.)

    Speedtest – Check out your network speed if you feel you are running slow!


  • Jennifer Zachmeier

    Jennifer Zachmeier

    District Technology Director

  • Ashleigh Blikre

    Ashleigh Blikre

    Technology Integrationist

    Elementary Tech. Ed.

  • Notes From the Technology Department:

    I would like to welcome all of the new staff members to Rugby Public Schools for the 2019-2020 school year!  New Staff: Please see Jennifer to obtain your password for your O365 email accounts.  Jennifer will be at the new staff training meeting on Thursday, August 15th from 10:45-11:00 am and can touch base with you all there.


    2019-2020 New Equipment Summary:

    *Grades 1 and 2: Interactive Projector/marker board replacements.  

     *High School Teachers:  New laptops and docking stations. 

    *Grade 6: Each room will receive 25 new Chromebooks. Old Chromebooks will be repurposed in the district. 25 Chromebooks will be repurposed in a cart for 3rd Grade. We are hoping to have around 20 to use elsewhere. 

    *HS Library: We will be installing a larger screen and new projector to accommodate larger audiences.

    *Ag. Classroom:  Black and white laser printer and new projector.  

    *Misc. computer upgrades: Leer, Hauck, Wendland, Bosch, Yoder, Hager, A. Seykora.

    *15 iPads for Ely

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