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Ely Elementary
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Tech. Notes:

Summer Tech. Storage:

Summer break will be here before we know it!  To prepare for janitorial summer cleaning, Ashleigh and I are asking all teachers to disconnect equipment (Promethean Boards, laptops, docking stations, document cameras, scanners, printers, etc.) and neatly wrap up cords so they can be safely stored over the summer months.  We are asking for more individual staff help with this due to technology work hours being very limited this summer.

Laptops/Docking Stations:

–At the Junior High/High School:  Teacher laptops with charging cords and docking stations can be stored in classroom cabinets, built in shelves, or another secure classroom location in your classroom for easy set up in the fall. Please wrap them up neatly to secure them and keep them together. If you wish to take your laptop home over the summer, please download and fill out the Laptop Checkout form HERE.  Turn the completed form to the school office.

–At Ely:  Mrs. Blikre will provide tubs for secure classroom storage where necessary. Please visit with Ashleigh about summer storage for your devices.


Disconnect the Ethernet cable and the power cord from the wall.  Neatly coil up the cords and secure with Velcro ties and set them on top of the printer.  The printer can be moved to a counter in your classroom or simply stay on its table.

Document Cameras: 

Please disconnect the cords from your computer. Coil up neatly and tie cords to camera neck with velcro.

Promethean Boards:  Please unplug the power cord from the wall and tuck up, out of the way.  Disconnect the usb cord from your laptop/docking station and coil up the cord close to the wall.


Chromebooks may stay on their designated shelves over the summer. Please do unplug the chargers from the wall and simply lay them on the devices on the shelves.

Student Computers in Classrooms:

Simply disconnect the power cords and Ethernet cables from the wall, coil up and neatly secure the cables with the devices so that they stay together throughout the summer moving/cleaning.  Keeping cords wrapped neatly is the key to an easy fall hook up.

As always, if you have any questions or would like help with this, please let us know! We are always available to help.


Jennifer & Ashleigh

“You can’t take on 21st century tasks with 20th century tools and expect to get the job done.” — Cathy N. Davidson, Duke University


Helpful Links:

~Office 365 Transition
~Google Classroom (See Mrs. Zachmeier for a account if you don’t have one!)

~Discovery Education Streaming Help & Tips

~Google Training Center – Free online Google Training!

~Promethean Board Help & Tips (Cleaning, what the flame color means, etc.)

~Speedtest – Check out your network speed if you feel you are running slow!

Technology Administration:

~2016-2019 Technology Plan

~Social Media Best Practices at RPS (form to download)

~Acceptable Use Policy – All students, staff and parents need to be aware of AUP for use of RPS devices.

~Departmental 1:1 Chromebook Deployment Schedule


Software Recommendations:

~Ninite Safe Download Site for FireFox, Adobe, Java, etc!

~Malware Bytes Free Malware Scanner!

~First Class (You will need our server address for set up. See Technology @RPS Manual)



App Recommendations:

Kahoot – Create, share free game program
Jing – Free, easy screen capture program
Infuse Learning – Free online testing site for student & teacher that works with any student device!
Google Earth – View satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings, from galaxies in outer space to the canyons of the ocean
Pic Collage – Fun photo app


~Equipment Checkout Form (form to download)